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Call Us Today
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Why do I have a drop off time instead of an appointment time?
  • Unlike hair salons, where appointments are scheduled throughout the day, dogs are groomed on a more relaxed schedule. Trying to rush a dog through an entire grooming processes in an hour or so would be detrimental to the dog’s state of mind and physically challenging for both groomer and bather. Therefore, we prefer drop off times as opposed to an official appointment time.
  • A calm atmosphere and plenty of time for each dog is essential. Since dogs are very sensitive to energy levels, an “In and Out” policy wouldn’t be practical or conducive to a stress-free grooming experience.
When will my dog be ready?
  • We will call you as soon as your dog is completed. We can only give an estimated time that your dog will be done.
  • We will always do our best to honor an owners request for a specific time, however, it’s always best to provide a phone number that we can call to let you know when your pet is or will be ready for you. 
  • While your pet is being groomed we will be handling every inch of their body! We will be working on his/her ears, eyes, teeth, gums, nails, paw-pads, privates, anal sacs, selecting the proper product for his skin, brushing, combing, blow-drying, clipping, and depending on the style of cut, even deciding which blades and combs to use. We want you to be happy with your well-groomed pet and have you come back and see us again. We will always take care of your pet as we do our own! It takes time to dazzle your dawg and we thank you for your patience
  • During the grooming process, dogs tend to need some “down-time” between steps. It helps to avoid stressing them mentally and physically. It’s hard work standing on a grooming table! We space out the phases and make sure each dog has plenty of personal attention. Please be patient while we dazzle your dawg.
  • Also, some grooming can be more time consuming and require the flexibility of extra time to finish. We want each dog to dazzle and feel their best before, during, and after their day at The Dazzling Dawg.
Can I come in and watch while you groom?
Because of liability insurance reasons, owners can’t come into the grooming area of our shop. Sometimes, too, dogs can get overly excited when their owners are present. This increases the chances of either pet or groomer or both getting injured. You are more than welcome to watch from outside. We have wrap around windows for your viewing pleasure.