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Call Us Today
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Prices are breed specific and vary depending upon the condition of your pets coat. Please, call for an estimate.
One discount per household. Discounts available only at the clients request!
Matted pets will cost a bit more depending on the amount of time involved. Please, see our Matting Policy below.
Our Full Groom includes cut, bath/brush-out/blow-out, nail trim and grinding, sanitary, pads shaved, feet neatly trimmed, hugs, and kisses.
Our Full Bath includes bath with premium shampoos hand selected for your dawgs skin type, blow-dry, and nails
 Nail Trim we use nail clippers then we grind them smooth $10
 Dazzling Diva Pawz- Nail wraps with gems to accent for our Dazzling Divas  that will tolerate  the extra pampering
  Add ons:
  •  Ear Package includes ear hair and ear cleaning $5
  •  Fanny Package includes external anal gland expression and a quick hindquarter bath $15 
  • Anal glands added on to groom or  bath $5
  • Teethbrushing add on at $5
  • Flea Baths are $15 depending upon the infestation. Please, refer to our Flea Policy below.
  • Nails Only $10.     Extremely difficult temperaments $15
  • Hourly Doggy Daycare We offer appointment-free, drop-in daycare for your pets. $5 per hour. We strictly enforce our Drop-Off/Pick-Up Policy see below.

Discount Programs
One discount per household for Full grooms and Full Baths only!
Discounts available only upon clients request.
  • Senior Discounts    $5.00 off Full Grooms rates.
  • Military Discounts $5.00 off Full Groom rates.
  • Family Discount    $10 off final cost of your families pets

Policies and Additional Fees

  • If during any grooming session your dog becomes too stressed or aggressive, the grooming will stop immediately for the safety of your dog and the groomer. The price will be adjusted according to how much grooming has been performed.
  • Matting Policy: Comfort always comes before style. If your pet is Matted to the point that the mats can not be safely removed, they will be shaved and as much fur as possible will be left. If the pet can be safely de-matted, an additional fee will be charged if it takes longer than an average appointment.

  •  Difficult Pet Handling Fee: May range from $5 to $20 based upon how much time is involved and the required additional help. You will be called in advance if this fee is required. If we are unable to complete a groom due to a pets temperament we will call you to discuss other options or reschedule.

  • Drop-Off/Pick-Up Policy: If running late please give us a call. If you arrive more than 45 minutes late and have not called us prior, we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment. There is a $35 PER HOUR late fee applied if you do not call or pick-up your pet within normal business hours.

  •  Flea Policy: We want to protect the well-being of all our clients, therefore, we charge a $15 additional fee for any pet that carries fleas into our shop. We suggest always using a vet recommended monthly flea preventative to stop and inhibit infestations. If we find them on your pet we will call you to discuss moving forward with a flea shampoo.
  •  Vaccination Policy: We prefer to visually see your pets latest Rabies Vaccination certificate but we will accept the date and where it was given if the paperwork is unavailable.